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Architectural Control Committee
Finesilver Ranch Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for maintaining the sole authority for determining whether proposed structures and modifications of proposed structures comply with applicable covenants, conditions, and restrictions and are in harmony of external design with existing structures and the overall plan of development of the Properties.

The ACC has the right of specific approval or veto of all architectural, engineering, platting, planning and landscaping aspects of any improvement, as well as the general plan for development of any individual lot within the seven Finesilver Ranch Communities. All construction and development within the community is subject to local government control; to Finesilver Ranch Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; and to the recommendations of the ACC and Board of Directors.

Submitting an Architectural Request:

If you are considering any architectural improvements to your property, please submit an ACC Request form to the Architectural Control Committee prior to initiating work on the planned improvement.  This process is designed to comply our by-laws and protect each individual owner’s rights and property values.

Failure to submit the ACC Form and all attachments may result in denial of your request for improvement. Any improvement made without ACC approval, is subject to enforcement action by the Covenant’s Committee or the Finesilver Ranch Board. Any homeowner considering any exterior improvement to his properties is urged to review the recorded deed restrictions prior to initial request.
Contact Lifetime HOA Management company to make an ACC request.
ACC Committee members
Kristie Guthrie
Ellen Hernandez
Jason Graves