The land that Finesilver Ranch neighborhood is built on was used by the Finesilver Family for ranching. Old topographic maps show a large stock pond where we now have the greenbelt and playing field. Early residents of FSR often found relics from this heritage including rusted barbed wire, old wood and rock fences and walls, cattle skulls and horns and old ranch tools. The subdivision was originally planned to be much bigger and to be an inner loop "Dominion".
Original Water Tower
Five builders, including Japhet, Connell Barron, David Weekly, Pulte and Scott Felder, were part of the original development and built the homes on Sweetwood, Summer Bluff, Twinpost, and the east end of Edgecreek. All of the builders sold their share to Medallion Homes, and Finesilver Ranch became the first Medallion Homes neighborhood. Later, Medallion Homes sold much of the surrounding property to another developer; this property became the Silverbrook subdivision. Medallion developed the remaining land, finished the last street (Atwell Park), and turned the Association over to the Homeowners in 2004.
Finesilver Ranch is a gated community complete with over 400 homes along with a community swimming pool, clubhouse, walking trail, playground and basketball court. Mature oaks and cedar trees can be found throughout the community as well. If you are a resident, this is home! If you are not a resident, it will be home soon!