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HOA Meetings
The Board of directors annual meeting is usually in the fall, ideally the first week of September, where the HOA requires 10% of residents to attend or submit proxies in order to elect new members to the Board of Directors.  The main purpose of this meeting is to present information to the residents.
In addition, the Board of Directors strives to meet quarterly for a total of five meetings including the annual meeting, with the actual dates depending on board member availability.  The main purpose of these meetings is to conduct business of the association.
Announcements from the HOA management company will be e-mailed prior to meeting. 
Regular board meetings are opened to all Association Members; Members will have two to three minutes of open forum.  Once the meeting starts, members can observe the meeting, please hold any and all questions until the end of the meeting to allow the Board Members to conduct their business in a timely manner.  Owners will be asked to step out during the executive session.