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Fence Guidelines

These are summary guidelines for fences.  Please see FSR CCRs for full language. 


Please submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) request for any new fence lines or color changes. 


Fences shall be constructed of one of the following:

  1. Cedar (or spruce if not facing a street) wood slats not to exceed six inches in width.
  2. All masonry which matches the house.
  3. A combination of simple wrought iron bars and matching masonry.
  4. A combination of masonry and cedar (or spruce if not facing a street) not to exceed six inches in width.

All wood fences which face the street, such as "wing walls" which are fences which extend from the side of the house to the side lot line and side fences on corner lots, shall be constructed of cedar.  Fences not facing any street may be constructed of spruce.


All wooden fences visible from a street shall be constructed with fence boards facing the street and without any framing visible from the street.


Fences along Finesilver road shall be capped with horizontal cedar boards. 


Fence stain or paint require ACC request and approval.